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environmental stressors icon The MECP carried out the Environmental Stressors Review to characterize disturbances from industrial operations (noise, vibration, odour, and night-time light) and their impact on the quality of life in nearby residential areas.


To better understand and characterize the impacts of stressors, the following sources of information were reviewed:


Key Findings:

Review of reports from Sarnia residents to the Spills Action Centre showed:


The information gathered through the Environmental Stressors Review can be used to:

  • Inform initiatives to address environmental disturbances
  • Enhance communication and awareness in the community during environmental incidents/emergencies

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Environmental Stressors Community Report

SAEHP - Environmental Stressors Community Report
Environmental Stressors Community Report: a high-level report summarizing key findings that characterize how disturbances from industrial operations (i.e. noise, odour, vibration, and night-time light) impact quality of life in nearby residential areas. The report also includes a technical appendix.

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If you have any questions or feedback on this component of the project, please contact:

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